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Lasuna, popularly known as Garlic is known to be a little wonder, helping in controlling blood pressure. Garlic is one of the most valuable vegetables that include onions, chives, shallots and leeks. Lasuna is also a recognized health supplement that strengthens the heart and immune system.
Apart from that it is known to augment the body’s immune cell activity. Lasuna’s main active component is allicin which is a chemical produced when the herb is broken. It works as one of the most powerful antibiotics that stop the germs from growing and reproducing.
Lasuna has been known for its health benefits since time immemorial and is considered a “potent drug” the world over. Also known as a nerve stimulant, Lasuna is used in invigorating those suffering from sexual weaknesses.
It is also used to treat acne and maintain cholesterol levels, apart from being a mosquito repellent. Scientists have concluded that smokers with high garlic intake have a lower stomach cancer risk than those with low garlic intake.

Benefits & Features
 • Lasuna helps in maintaining the LDL cholesterol levels
• It helps to lower the atherosclerotic buildup (plaque) within the arterial system
• It helps regulate blood sugar levels
• This remedy averts blood clots from forming, thus reducing the overall possibility of strokes and thromboses
• It can also prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system
• The medicine also assists in eradicating heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body
• It is a potent and natural antibiotic and being much stronger than modern antibiotics, can still kill some strains of bacteria that have then become immune or resistant to others
• It is an anti-fungal asset for life long
• Lasuna considerably reduces the yeast infections due to Candida species
• It has various anti-oxidant properties and is said to be a good resource of selenium

Ayurleaf Lasuna should be taken two capsules once a day after meals.

Lasuna - Garlic

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