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  Ashwagandha, known commonly as the Indian Ginseng is a memory booster and is very useful for growing children and youngsters. It not just gives freedom from lethargy and fatigue but also provides the required amounts of minerals and nutrients required by the human body on a daily basis.
  Ashwagandha promotes the growth of lean body mass and has been used since time immemorial for various conditions and restorative benefits. It imparts health and vigor and strengthens the immune system. It also enhances sexual potency in both men and women.
  The herb belongs to the same family as tomato and grows mostly in dry regions of Asia and the United States of America.
  Ashwagandha, the world over is known for its ability to calm and hence acts as a mood stabilizer. It also works against obesity and hence leading pharmaceutical companies sell it like hot cakes.
  It also has a significant amount of anti-ageing properties, providing the required nourishment to the bones and muscles.
  • Ashwagandha bestows to fortify the immune system
• It combats the effects of severe stress, calming the nerves
• It reduces anxiety and depression and does not even cause drowsiness while also maintaining the blood sugar levels
• Provides robustness and hence reduces brain-cell degeneration
• Works wonders against malaria
• Ashwagandha also provides benefits against inflammation
  Ayurleaf Ashwagandha should be taken two capsules once a day before meals.
  Ashwagandha is known to be safe if taken for a short-term, but is said to cause various ill effects if taken for a longer period. Large doses may even cause upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting.
Pregnant women must avoid the usage of Ashwagandha as it may cause miscarriages.
  The herb can even slow down the central nervous system after the surgery and hence it is best avoid until full recovery has taken place.


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